2012: Steam Ahead!

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dsc-43_smallHi folks, and hello 2012! With another whole new year ahead, Seraya is still giving her creative spirit wings for you to share with friends…please read on…

The MsAdventures of Artemis

The release of Seraya’s trilogy, the MsAdventures of Artemis is still going well, both here and overseas. “Mstery” is due to be released through AIRIT in the next week or so, so keep an ear out for it – for now don’t forget to check out her new lofi “Mstery” vid, released on Youtube and here at www.serayaonline.com (see right).

Online Adventures

Seraya is up on CDBaby and iTunes now, and is also still getting a great response on Jango, with a steady popscore in the 80’s. She’s also now officially part of indiecharts.com, you can visit her profile and vote for and review Seraya here. Go on, do it!


The cover of Seraya’s track Undo Me is now complete (acoustic version) and sounds awesome! The electro version is going well and will be finished soon. We will be uploading the acoustic version in a week or two…so stay tuned…

New Portraits

Seraya updated her acting portfolio recently, so we’ve posted a few extra pics in the Acting section of her Photo page.

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