“Where I Belong” – latest single from Inner Space

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Hi Everyone,

I hope all’s well in your world. I’m enjoying the break since releasing the album, its been especially great for getting the creative juices flowing again. Of course I can’t not do music, so at a leisurely pace I’ve been writing new songs and I’ll be back in the studio next week to start demo’s/recordings towards my next album. Later in May I’m also doing some vox on the second version of Groove Me that I started in Nashville last year. I am sooo excited about that. I am thinking to video the session and share it with you. Lets see how it scrubs up, and how brave I feel!

I don’t normally comment on things like this, that is, artists checking out of the planet. After those who’ve already gone this year alone, adding Prince to the list was a head spin. If you can believe what you read, when talking about artists/creative/entertainers – the number to cross the rainbow bridge in the last 4 months is well over 70! I’ll be doing a one hour feature on my radio show next Thursday. You can tune in to “The Mess Hall” from 3-6pm Thursday May 5th on BayFM 100.3 (www.bayfm.org.au)

Well we’ve passed the 28th of the month again so I guess its time to share another track from my album “Inner Space”. This one is “Where I Belong”. It’s a song that surfaced during a time of much change in my life. The clip includes more info on the song and a slide show of some personal photos that inspired me to write it.

Have a wonderful month!

Peace love and sunshine,

Seraya xx

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