Brand New EP – Anytime is Fine – Jan 28, 2018

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Well hello again! Over the last little while I’ve been busy working on “Anytime is Fine” the new EP, and this one has had a life of its own like none before it.

You’ll notice there’s been an EP name change – it began as “Anytime is fine but now would be great”. This may give you a hint as to the goings on since its initial inception. My music seems to be a natural by product of living my life, usually in the order – live, write about it, record. This time around I’m not sure if it’s the songs that triggered events or the reverse. The lines were really blurred.

So, 6 months later I feel like I have literally shed an entire layer of skin, and “Anytime is Fine” is just about ready for release. This is the most vulnerable and exposed I have dared to be as an artist. Surprisingly it’s the most comfortable in my skin that I feel. It’s also the most excited that I am to share this chapter with you.

My last EP “ I left my heart in Africa” is still enjoying some airplay thanks to the Victor James remix. June 3rd, was the official UK launch.

Thanks to Jay Adkins for adding my track “Peace Love & Undertanding” to his Unsigned show “NUA” this week. It’ll be played daily on Show 48 for the week 26th November to 2nd December. See how to tune in (for a station, day and time zone to suit you) here

Also, keep an ear out for the “Celestial” Remix of this track – it’s a cracker and will most likely be included on “Anytime is Fine”. I think this song is making like a cat!

Peace Love & Good Grooves,
Seraya xox

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