Quirky, fun, infectious, intelligent and positive - music relevant for our times.

Seraya's latest musical offerings have been defined as EDM capturing the pure essence of spirituality. She's a proudly independent singer-songwriter/producer championing what some are calling "conscious pop".

Over the years her modest and loyal following have witnessed the evolution of her tunes from acoustic pop through to electropop/neo-folk, a description that fails to really describe her unique musical compositions.

Each of her releases has a journey theme, the lyrics reflecting life, love society, spirituality and more, documenting semi-autobiographical chapters of her life.

As an artist Seraya has performed and recorded in Australia, UK, USA, India and Asia. She has also collaborated with artists and bands. Her compositions have made placements in Film & TV, education, advertising and commercial projects.

Her passion for music is not confined to her own work. Seraya also prepares and hosts a radio show “The Mess Hall Music Show”. With a soft spot for independent artists the show features new music from all around the globe. 

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