Eye of the Storm

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That’s what I’ve called the tune I just posted on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/serayayoung?ref=hl). …just me noodling on the piano (imperfections and all). Sometimes it’s in the stillness and silence that we receive messages the loudest. Its the place we re-prioritise, and anchor ourselves and patiently wait for clarity, direction and a new day..

I hope you are all well and safe. I am really delighted to welcome Kathryn on board as a brand new contributor to the Crowd Funding Campaign. I am still madly working in the background to keep the project moving ahead and your contribution certainly helps a great deal – THANK YOU! Most tracks are well on their way with another day in the studio coming up in March

I’m also looking forward to the Sound Therapy studies I start in March, the venue looks amazing – I’ll post more on that when I am there.

Don’t forget of you’d like to contirbute to my playlist for the radio show on Wednesdays, just go to the contacts page and send your suggestions – please include Artist Name, Song title and Album Name or  a link is even better! The show is called “The Mess Hall”, drive time 4-6pm every wednesday on Bay FM 100.3 www.bayfm.org.au

More soon..

Seraya x

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