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We’re done celebrating the New Year. Now it’s time for my Birthday and what a way to celebrate. On January 28th you can get your hands, or ears, on my brand new iTunes APP and EP “I left my heart in Africa. How do you do this? Join us at the online FB launch at https://www.facebook.com/events/1760287557631497/

Here’s the details..


Thanks to GetKonversed, a techno-dufus like me can build their own APP. The platform is really intuitive with most content created using text fields or simple drag and drop for photos, voice file and video. Its almost done and soon you’ll get to take a look and see what you think. As a subscriber, on January 28th you’ll have access to my entire catalogue of songs including the EP I’m releasing on the same day. There’s some nice little extras including song notes, studio pics, some voice files and a sneaky peak and a track for my next EP.

Everyday Creatives Podcast

This week I’m speaking to Lawyer, Micro-finance enthusiast, Writer and now comedian, Mark Swivel. Hot off the heels of his show, How Deep Is Your Love?  Mark’s latest project is Dad. Joke. Swiv answers every question a young person can ask from ‘should men wee sitting down?’ to ‘honestly, what are we to do about this capitalism caper in our post-truth times?’ He calls it a service to his generation, who have a lot to answer for … Dad. Joke. is world-changing wittering, brilliant banter.  Mark is appearing in Brisbane on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of February at the Judith Wright Centre.  If you’re familiar with Mark’s work, you’ll love the podcast, where we’ll venture on and off topic as we attempt to get inside the head space of another “Everyday Creative”.

New EP

I can’t wait to share this with you. My releases cover a part of my life journey. “I left My Heart in Africa” (out January 28th) in a small way covers my take on growing up in South Africa. We left when I was relatively young. Memories, recollections, stories and experiences are deeply etched in my heart. Rather then focus on the challenges experienced within a family of mixed colour ( living in a country under the rule of apartheid), this release transmutes confusion, pain and rejection into a celebration of unity, peace and love…. for ourselves, for one another and for our precious planet. Please enjoy!

New Music

Yes I know I know, I’ve just finished something and I must focus on releasing it….but there are new songs in my head!!  I’ve started playing with a few tunes, including “Falling”. My new EP is underway, though I have zero idea when I might release it. The title will be “Anytime is fine, but now would be great!” It kinda says it all I think.



If you haven’t already done so, there’s still time to sign up to my mailing list before January 28th to receive a free digital copy (#Music free downloads) of my album “Inner Space”).

Thanks for reading. This picture means a lot to me…thought I’d share it with you. I’m the little one.

See you at the launch. Peace & love


I Left My Heart In Africa

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