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Happy Wednesday!

Whether the leaves are beginning to fall in your part of the world, or spring is bringing new green growth, we hope you are all doing well. It’s time share what Seraya has been up to this past month.

Violet Vibes

Seraya has finished her Bonus Track for Violet Vibes Magazine – we’ve had a listen and loved it. It’s a pretty, ambient, chilled track featuring natural sounds.

Temptation Remix

Did you see Seraya’s pics with DJ Victor James last week? She’s really excited about meeting with Victor this week to hear the first draft mix of the chill version of her song Temptation – you must stay tuned for this one. We can’t wait!


You may recall around this time last year Seraya spent a day on the set of new Australian film Mental. Starring Toni Collette, Anthony, La Paglia, it’s sure to be a crack up. Seraya went along to the opening event this weekend after Brisbane’s Riverfire event, and had a ball.



We’re excited to announce a new series of spontaneous tracks from Seraya as well. Called Lifetracks, they are the fruit of Seraya’s creative flow, or as she likes to call them, “The soundtracks to my life. They have no other purpose than to exist in the moment they are created, and we are going to post them on Soundcloud and Facebook as they come out. There will free downloads on Soundcloud, and we’ll be posting the links on Facebook – so connect with Seraya if you’d like make sure you don’t miss out.

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