Magical Maleny Video Shoot

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Hi all! Lots to update you on!

slave-painter-james-800wSlave Video Clip

We had a fabulous day in the hills of Maleny almost completing the entire shoot. Most of it was in the studio but when the rain stopped we got some location footage too…

The rainforest was glistening and misty like a magical palace after all the rain, and gumboots and rid kept the leeches at bay…. Except for one!

James did an awesome job as the male lead, and as usual Craig worked his wonders in making it all come together. We have to shoot some final footage tomorrow and then editing will start.

The footage so far looks incredible…. And in some places, a little like a “Twilight” location!!


The group keeps growing and our recent jam was a great night!! We’ll have one last event before the end of the year, so keep a lookout for that post in the next week.

Massive thanks to Dave and Dave (esp. Dave), for helping me to work through understanding some of the functionality of my relatively new keyboard! It turns out you need a degree in aeronautical engineering to drive it!!! I was secretly pleased or took them a number of hours to figure it out…so I don’t feel as much of a doofus now!! Thanks guys!!!……

And this means rehearsals can get back into full swing…. We hope to be gigging again in the first quarter of next year.

Radio Show

Finally, I’ve received stacks of new music from all over the place, for the radio show. Thanks so much to those who’ve contributed. Next week will be my last show for a month…. I’ll be back just after Christmas.

See you soon…

Cheers Seraya xoxo

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