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Hi everyone,

As usual we’ve  been hectic…. but nothing to show you right now…..here’s what we’ve been up to…


Seraya has started work with Craig on the Temptation video clip for the new mix with Victor. We must say we are a wee bit excited about this. We have access to 50 acres of private pristine rainforest and the footage we’ve seen so far is breathtaking! She did some green screen work with models Kyra and Fiona, on the weekend. With some cool editing effects going into the mix, we’re happy with the direction its taking….can’t wait for the next session…

Talking like a duck?


In case you were wondering…Seraya didn’t get the role of the Duck! (voice-over for an animation)… but she is doing 3 new voice-over jobs in the next few weeks.


Seraya will have a brand new LifeTrack Project to upload by the end of the week….. and as for her latest releases, we’re monitoring airplay. It’s interesting (and amusing) to see where the tracks get played. She recently got some air time in Ireland, and last week we sent off some CD’s to New York. Her website and radio stats indicate the US and Canada followed by Asia, is where she get the most listeners/fans.

Rehearsals are back on!

Seraya recently jammed with a Brisbane band and will be performing backing vocals on there next recording scheduled for November. …and, at last…Dave is zipping around like a nutter once again, and she recommences rehearsals later this week!!

Looking forward to it!

Well, that’s all folks – see you next time.

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