EC Podcast EP3 – Matt Hogan co-founder of GetKonversed and self confessed futurist

Here’s my chat with the incredibly creative tech force Matt Hogan. His deep understanding of app design and the complexities involved in programming led him to propel several pioneering cloud and mobile tech product developments. These developments include the high-end automotive platform PrestigeWay, tablet publishing platform Digitize, and TrayPay restaurant POS software for IOS devices.

Along with his twin brother Brett, he is currently engaged in the Konversed project. Konversed was built to solve an IP and ownership problem experienced by creatives across the globe. As a self-confessed futurist, Matt channels his authentic passion for high-quality ‘design with heart’, into transformative software architecture. With this kind of architecture, users find themselves feeling instantly at home.

Before concentrating his skills on the app development arena, Matt was a multi-award-winning graphic designer with a successful design studio. He collected more than 18 years of experience in Australia and Germany. During this time working with various spheres of government as well as sophisticated technology, industrial and product design clients. These included Woodmark Arne hristiansen, Audi Australia, Audi AG Ingolstadt and Dallmeier.

Check out the Konversed website- https://getkonversed.com/

Find out more about Matt here: https://getkonversed.com/who/

Sign up for your own APP here: https://www.konversed.io/#/sign-up

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