REVIEW – The Ms Adventures of Artemis Volume II – I Can Never Get Enough Of What I Do Not Want

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This Anglo-Indian dance track has hit written all over it. It showcases Seraya’s versatility, and reveals just another piece of this artist, who, in the Prodigal Daughter took Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” and made it her own. This lady oozes talent.

Plan B

This would make a great video. The story line comes through strongly, but not bitterly. Seraya’s vocal performance is almost distant but in a near to the heart way, making it all the more intriguing. “He played Super Dad to some other guy’s kids”; definitely a sign and quote of the times.

Queen of Self Destruction

Though written by Australian artist Jeni Wallwork (the only cover on this project), Seraya’s vocal delivery shows her belief in this song. It could only have been written by someone who has ‘been there and done that’ – many people will relate to it.


With strings to the fore, this song is one of beauty. Seraya’s vocal carries well and draws one in. Innocent is a heartfelt plea and yet almost confessional at the same time.

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