REVIEW – The Ms Adventures of Artemis Volume III – Orphic Hymns

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This opening track could prove political suicide for many an artist, but Seraya, using her South African roots for the opening bars, has created an anthem for indigenous people all over the world. It is not full of platitudes, nor simplicity, but through “Reconciliation” the ambience and togetherness resonates, making it all the more personal, and dare I say “spiritual”.

Hear Me Out

On the track “Hear Me Out” we’re exposed to a gentler side of Seraya, both musically and vocally. Chameleon like she may be, but this works well.

Leaving My Love

In this fusion of roots, folk and pop, Seraya takes us on yet another very personal journey. The violin playing draws the song together, adding a whole other dimension to what is already a great song. For newcomers to Seraya’s work, this track is a damn good introduction to what to expect.

I’ll Be There

Beautifully orchestrated and almost Chamber like in style, that dolce voice takes us to a finale to beat all finales…. And the memory lingers forever, after even the first listen.

Orphic Hymns brings the trilogy of “The Ms Adventures of Artemis” to a close, but leaving the listener wanting more. An inspiring collection of work.

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