REVIEW – The Ms Adventures of Artemis Volume I – The Legend of XenaBelle

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msadve-part-1-icon-for-webDon’t Go Falling (RSVP Blues)

Opening with beautifully played string arrangements, the track flows well with an Aussie/Celtic feel. The lyrics carry a strong message, which, whilst appearing defiant is actually warm and welcoming.

Who Knows

With production and vocals reminiscent of Petula Clarke’s songs arranged by Tony Hatch, Who Knows is very “retro” and very much “today”.  Seraya has written an excellent pop song here, that remains with you long after listening.

Sweet Joy and Pain

With its slight mediaeval feel this track easily falls within the term “neo-folk”, the kind of song one could associate with those troubadours of yonder days. “Sweet Joy and Pain” should enshrine Seraya’s abilities as one of our own great singer/songwriters, and I hope it is given its dues.


With slight references to a Buddhist leaning, this track becomes mystical as it unravels itself. “I’m everything I say I’m not” must be some of the bravest words placed in a song by anyone to date. What a great way to bookend Volume I.

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