Second Single “Lies” Available now!

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Hi Everyone,

What a great month February was. It was a huge relief to sit back and take a little down time after finishing the album! I had the rare opportunity to indulge and I did.

One activity that always springs to the front of my mind, was late one Sunday afternoon when I drew the blinds, chose an album to play that I hadn’t heard in a while and lay on the lounge room floor listening with my eyes shut. Engaging in the music with all my senses was something I haven’t done in a really long time. My life has been so hectic, and like many others,  I am usually multi-tasking with music as my constant sound track. As I lay there I was transported to years gone by when life wasn’t so hectic, and things were much simpler. I could hear so much more in the music and I could “feel” the music as it impacted on me. In those moments I was reminded of why I love music so much, why I love to listen and why I love to write and create it. I felt relaxed, very grateful and re-inspired.

Whilst for now I have promised myself some time to focus on releasing “Inner Space” and working on some clips and promo…. the next album (I Left My Heart In Africa) is incubating….just saying..

So….what’s up….

The animation for Missy is nearing completion and I am bursting at the seams to see the final cut. I saw the animatic the other day and it’s pretty cute. Here’s a pic of the Heroine “Missy” and her two side kicks Nari and Lena.


Seraya Young | serayaonline.com | News : Second Single “Lies” Available now!

We are also working on a video clip for New Days. Its fun stuff, but I’ll tell you more about it a little later….

In the meantime The Way has received some air play on community radio (huge thanks for the support) and it’s also available to listen to on JJJ Unearthed. If you have the time we’d be really grateful if you would search for the tracks on their site and give us a thumbs up!

If you’d like to purchase The Way or Lies ( now available as of today!) you can buy these on my bandcamp page (the links are on my website via The Song Shoppe menu).

And finally in between doing stuff, I recorded this collaboration with The WM Collective late last year. We started it in Nashville, and this is a re-mix which features my vocal and Rapper CFo. Let Us know what you think!

Have an amazing month!

Peace love and cyber-hugs,

Seraya xox

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