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The Peace Project is a celebration of our differences.   We believe that it is our differences that bring us closer together.  It is collaboration between singer/songwriter Seraya and Poet Kavi.  To facilitate this, Seraya has written the song ‘Peace’ which is embedded with the solfeggio  frequency 528Mh that can assist to bring us into a more peaceful state.   Poet Kavi’s social site ‘Residents Of The Universe’ is the launch pad for The Peace Project and the Peace song and sends a positive vibe out to all living beings.
The aim of The Peace Project is to bring us together through creative play, whether it be music, art or just speaking up about peace, what it means to you and what you and we can do about it. We are a non-profit organisation.

For musicians and singers of any background, we have the instrumental backing for the peace song at our disposal should you like to re-create your version of the Peace song as your own creative piece and feature in the Peace Project.  Anyone else is very welcome to participate.  Please send us you art, poetry, music or any creative piece, photo or video that expresses your view about peace and you too may be featured as a collaborator in the peace project.

For more detailed information about The Peace Project and the song Peace there is a recent radio interview which you can listen to and a page with all the information you need when you visit www.residentsoftheuniverse.com.   Should you like to participate or have any questions at all please contact us via email residentsoftheuniverse@gmail.com.


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