Undo Me Covered

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website-teaser-2012What’s been happening in your world? Seraya’s website is sporting a spunky new look based on her Artemis trilogy…you really should take a quick peek, if you’re not there already!

What else?

My track Undo Me has been covered by DJ Isham and Soul Circuits, featuring the amazing vocals of Vanessa Haynes (Vocalist in UK Band Incognito and solo artist). I’m really stoked with the production; they’ve done an amazing job. Make sure you have a listen to this, and share with your friends. You can’t download this one but we hope you enjoy playing it from here or from Myspace. We’ll also be releasing Sweet Joy and Pain on AIRIT in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for it.

This year will also see Seraya commencing duo gigs. Come along if you’re interested in catching Seraya live – we’ll post up the info on our new performance format and schedule in the next few weeks…watch this space

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