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Welcome to my first blog since returning online. Whilst I’ve been quiet in cyberspace, there’s been heaps happening – here’s an update.

I’ve been rehearsing and writing and have decided to bite the bullet and get serious about my next release. Thanks very much for the emails and messages of support from fans and friends – you have no idea how much it helps.

I also had two encouraging experiences recently that became really important to me. One was attending the Pat Pattison songwriters Master Class. I signed up as a participant, which meant that during the workshop we critiqued one of my songs and made some changes. It was a little intimidating performing and being reviewed by my peers and Pat of course, but, that quickly dissipated. It was a genuine atmosphere of support and nurturing and I walked away feeling more empowered as a writer and inspired to keep at it, and to make permanent changes to the way I deliver a song.

The other seemingly benign moment was at Bluesfest listening to Passenger’s gig. Firstly I was really amazed at the ability of one guy and his acoustic guitar to hold the attention of a massive crowd, from start to end. It wasn’t just great writing, great songs and a great performance – but also about heart and soul and the ability and the courage to be so open and to connect with others on that level. The moment etched deepest in my mind was when he asked who in the crowd were singer songwriters and creative people. He recounted having walked his musical journey for many many years, with the setbacks and putdowns from nay sayers, and his marvel at having a top bill at Bluesfest. Of course his motto…”never give up”.

So …its full steam ahead.. I’m really excited about a few things on the boil:

  • Following the success of the Primary School Opera “Yesh Tikva” which I co-composed, I am working on new material for an Education project. It’s so much fun – I don’t think I ever stopped being a kid, so having a legitimate excuse makes it all the more enjoyable.
  • Work has commenced on collaborations with a producer from the Netherlands. I’ll be writing lyrics and performing vocals.
  • I am planning some performances (just in Queensland at this stage) and will post details as we get closer to the events. Most recently I successfully submitted for a new festival on the Gold Coast (beautiful location) in October this year and another in Brisbane 2015.
  • My new release which I think I will call “Inner Space”, is growing legs and taking its first few steps. I have decided to apply for crowd funding to try and offset some of the costs. The tracks were written over the last few years. I can’t wait to bring them to life, and to share them with you….more soon

Before I go, the Final Final edit of the How Was I to Know video clip is finished!! Here’s the link….enjoy


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